How to Troubleshoot Skype Call Errors

Skype is a popular app used for voice and video calls on the internet. But, at times, users may face issues such as call drops, audio problems, choppy video, etc. So, here are some tips to fix these problems and improve your Skype experience.

Audio Settings for You

Here is the process of checking your audio settings in Skype. Follow the instructions carefully

•    In Windows:-  First, you will have to select the “Tools” option and choose “Audio Settings” in the left pane. Select the right speakers from the speaker’s drop down and tap on save.

•    In Mac:- Go to the Skype menu, select Preferences, and ensure you choose the correct speakers.

•    After that, ensure that your headphones or speakers are connected.

•    Ensure that you can listen to the sound in other applications like iTunes and YouTube.

•     Then locate the “Echo/Sound Test Service” in your Skype contacts to open its profile.

•    If you are still not able to hear your friend on Skype, then you can tell your friend to check their settings.

Audio Settings for Your Friend

Here is the process of checking your friend’s settings in Skype. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    In Windows:- First, you will have to select “Tools” and in options choose “Audio settings” in the left pane. Make sure you have chosen the correct Microphone from the Microphone’s drop down and place a tick on Automatically adjust microphone settings, then tap Save.

•    In Mac:- First, you will have to go Skype menu and select “Preferences” and place a tick on “Automatically adjust microphone settings “before closing the screen.

•    Make sure the mute button is turned off in your Skype call.

•    After that, ensure Skype has permission to use your Microphone.

•    Then identify the “Echo/Sound Test Service” in your contact list and select the contact to open its profile.

•    Ensure your Microphone is not muted to check in your microphone settings.

•    Now, ask your friend to solve the audio problem or not.

Poor Call Quality on Skype

Here is the process of fixing poor call quality on Skype. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    Before making a call, first, you will have to close all other applications which are open at that time.

•    After that, you will switch from speakers to the headset.

•    Then disconnect other devices sharing wireless network and move closer to the wireless access point.

•    Now, make sure your internet connection speed is not slow.

•    Then go to a well-lit area to improve the video quality.

•    After that, you can move to an external webcam.

•    Make sure you have the latest version of Skype; otherwise, you can upgrade immediately for better performance.

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