How to Mirror Android Screen to Projector

Wondering how to connect an Android phone to a projector? It is very similar to streaming an Android device to an HDTV. The wireless display streaming adapters can do the job. Google Chromecast is, no doubt, the best solution for streaming Android screen to LED TV or projector. By streaming a phone’s screen on a projector, you can enjoy watching HD movies and play video games on a huge screen. We will discuss two ways to mirror Android to a projector: One is wireless and the second one with a cable.

Advantages of streaming an Android on a projector


  • One can watch movies on a big screen with the lights off.
  • At the office, one can show their presentations from the smartphone.
  • Kids can enjoy their favorite games on a big screen.
  • Watching YouTube on a big screen.
  • Stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., and transform your home into a cinema hall.
  • Playing a slideshow of your captured photos, etc.

How to stream Android Screen on a Projector Wirelessly?

To mirror wirelessly, you need to buy a wireless streaming adapter such as Chromecast and Miracast. In some projectors, there is an inbuilt wireless connectivity feature, and they don’t require an external wireless adapter.

Mirroring Android Screen Through Chromecast:

  1. Plug the Chromecast’s HDMI pin into the Projector’s HDMI port.
  2. Turn on the projector and the Chromecast.
  3. On your Android phone, find the casting option.
  4. Cast the display of your android phone after successfully connected.

The process is the same as you connect your Android to your TV. It will cast the entire screen of your phone to your projector.

How to Cast Android Screen To Your Projector With A Cable?

Not every smartphone supports this feature, very less phones have the function of sending video signals through a video outport. So you will have to check if your device is compatible or not.

Using an HDMI Cable

Some Android devices have a micro HDMI built-in port. This feature allows you to connect your device directly to your HDMI enabled projectors via a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. If your device has a micro HDMI port, then buy a micro HDMI to standard HDMI cable.

Many smartphones have USB-C ports which are capable of transferring video signals into an HDMI enabled supported display such as HDTV, Projector and monitors. Not every USB-C port device will be capable of sending video to a projector. Check your phone specifications and then order a USB-C to HDMI cable from eBay or Amazon.

Using an MHL cable

If your device doesn’t have a micro HDMI or USB-C port, then try this method. Every smartphone contains a micro USB port for transferring data and charging. Some devices are MHL supported and can be connected through a big screen. Not every device supports MHL. We recommend you to check the compatibility of your device before moving forward. When you know that your device is MHL supportable, then you can buy one from Amazon.

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